Niki McKay
Blue Danube Productions

Blue Danube Productions, began in 2007 with it’s founder and principal Niki McKay, serving as the lone production manager knocking on doors to help organizations realize how the use of cutting-edge audio/visual technology could inspire events that greatly expanded a fundraising effort or financial bottom line. Early on, Niki recognized that in order to excel, her company needed to focus on customer-centric strategies. And although local event production is a fiercely competitive industry, her company became successful.

Today, Blue Danube Productions is a multi-award winning, creative production company that leads the events industry in audio-visual design and technology. Their prime directive is to deliver an event experience the clients’ creative vision demands.

No matter what scale or how technical, Blue Danube’s core mission is supporting event planners and organizations to produce indelible experiences. Blue Danube’s Motto: Think Big. Your triumph is our Success.