Mission and principles

Without regard to size or assets, we are women in business who substantially utilize the privileges, opportunities, and inspiration of our organization to achieve a masterful, self-fashioned vision of success.


Women Business Owners propels resolute women entrepreneurs to embrace their fullest vision of success.

Guiding Principles

WBO cultivates a high-standard forum for diverse voices, topics, and perspectives that provide a source of pride and status for our members.

We define success by the private aspirations of the independent business owner, be it based on a grand or modest enterprise.

We believe successful businesswomen are self-directed to seek essential knowledge, skills, and inspiration to meet their goals.

We promote enduring and cooperative relationships that produce high-value business networks for far-reaching positive community affiliations.

We offer leadership service opportunities to bolster management skills, advance peer visibility, and improve professional marketability.

We deliver comprehensive programs to foster business growth, sustainability, and vitality in today’s dynamic market.

We promote peer fraternity and mentoring where accomplished women find respite from the demands of fiscal, administration, and professional responsibilities.

We honor the accomplishments of outstanding businesswomen to affirm and validate our achievements, ideals, and belief systems.