Member benefits

Women Business Owners was founded in 1979 by a group of local women business owners seeking counsel, support and friendship from their peers. Today, WBO members share the common goal of supporting a thriving women-owned business community. Here are just a few of the benefits of WBO membership:

Build a referral network that really works!

Monthly events provide you with opportunities to create ongoing and sustainable relationships. Members become genuine advocates for each other and this leads to targeted, valuable referrals.

Business Building Groups!

As a member you are eligible to join an ongoing small group (BBG) that will help you find creative solutions to running your business, brainstorm strategic actions and become your greatest cheering section! Many organizations charge for these mini-master mind groups. BBGs are included as a member benefit.

Education & Mentorship!

Business seminars dedicated to educating entrepreneurs for success. Throughout the year there are opportunities to attend seminars on topics of particular interest to business owners. As a member these workshops are complementary.

Inspiring, Entertaining and Pragmatic Events!

Outstanding keynote and seminar speakers present at every luncheon and the BBG mixers offer an opportunity for
members to present and learn from fellow members. After-hours also provide education and networking opportunities.

Personal and online connectivity and visibility.

Online membership directory and other opportunities give you many ways to market and showcase your business.

Opportunities for Leadership Development.

he best way to create the relationships that lead to ongoing, targeted referrals is to jump in and join a committee! There are numerous ways to get involved, from being an Ambassador and mentoring new members, helping create fun events to supporting the Nellie Cashman gala event! Leadership is a wonderful way to increase your own capacity as a business
JoinWBONow!RENEWNow!We are a growing community committed to the ongoing success of women-owned businesses.
Membership dues are $195 per year, due the month you join, and your membership renewal will occur during your anniversary month the following year.